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What You Can Control With Your Adjustable Bed’s Remote Control

It’s easy and comfortable to lie down in a warm bed with a remote control. You just relax after a long and tiring day, raise or lower the adjustable bed with your remote, and let nature take its course.  Many people who use adjustable beds do so for the comfort. But many others have health problems or illness, creating problems with sleeping and back pain. And some suffer from traumatic injuries that keep them in bed most of the day.

When buying adjustable beds with these health concerns, it is more advisable if you have a remote control, this will help you adjust the right positioning of the bed that you like. Some of this controls are wireless, some are attached to the bed and in some types they even have lights to see the controls at night.

Most of the time, the remote control are already connected with you adjustable bed and they will come with a manual. However, here are the steps on how to connect them again.

  1. From the power outlet, remove the connection out from the bed
  2. Hold for one minute and then connect the power outlet
  3. There will be light under the bed that will blink, after three minutes there will be a connection.
  4. Press the power button from the top part of the remote. Once there is light, the remote is now connected.

The remote controls has features that lets you adjust your bed in a position you are comfortable in. here are some of what you can control:

  • Adjust the bed head up

Some adjustable bed can raise the head in a comfortable position. By using, the control of the remote you can customized the head part, helping you support your back and sit you up.

  • Adjust the head and foot

This is somewhat like raising the head up, however in this feature you can both elevate the head and foot part by pressing the control option of your remote. This helps the clients who has traumatic spinal injury, who has poor blood circulation or other health related concern adjust their own bed by controlling their remote without asking for help

  • Applications

Some controls has an application that can be downloaded. You can easily control the bed if the control malfunction.